Ok, so I guess I’m just not that bright, because for the life of me I can’t seem to wrap my mind around this: “North Korea spurns US deal”.


North Korea has described Washington’s offer to revive aid in exchange for the communist state dropping its nuclear programme as “deceptive drama”. 

In a statement carried by North Korea’s official news agency, the foreign ministry said the confrontation would only end when the US signed a non-aggression pact.


So, just to make sure we understand each other, let me try to get this: In 1994, we pledge (and deliver) literally billions in free food and oil to the DPRK every year in exchange for the promise that North Korea will not pursue any program of nuclear weapons development . Then, when it turns out that those wacky bananers on the peninsula have been gleefully working for years on that aforementioned program that was never supposed to start in the first place, we, understandably feeling a little miffed at being lied to and bilked out of tens of billions of dollars for nearly a decade, suspend the free lunches. Finally, the strait-jacketed psychopaths from that most worthless of worthless shitocracies claim that the US’ proposal to resume those aid shipments which the DPRK has somehow got into its feces-addled brain that it is actually entitled to is some kind of underhanded diplomatic trick, and that the only way North Korea will even make the promise of halting their nuclear program is for thr US to sign a non-aggression pact, the tenets of which everyone knows only we will be actually expected to uphold while those wastes of human organic material in North Korea happily continue to play with the atom.

Ok, I just wanted to make sure that was clear.

Just be grateful that I’m not allowed anywhere near the big red button marked “North Korea: stone-age,” because I would have long ago jumped on that motherfucker .

Let this be a lesson to you folks, when filling out an application for being a missile silo technician, don’t fill in any of the answer choices labeled, “Just nuke the bastards, already!”

I realize full well that all of this anger arises mainly from the sheer amount of gall and nerve on display daily from Pyongyang, and yes, the feelings that boil up as a response to a country that has the GDP of Tiajauna and a level of civilization below that depicted in most of the Mad Max movies thinking it can self-righteously cajole and at the same time mercilessly threaten the entire world, relying on the fact that we are more civilized, decent and responsible than they.

It’s the same familiar trope of Muslim extremists in the US and beyond who call for the wholesale death of the Jews, but who, when criticized for their frothily rabid rantings, accuse the world of intolerance, knowing full well that many myopic Western idiots will cower at such an accusation since they, unlike the mad mullahs, actually care about not being unduly intolerant.

The act of the enemies of civilization using the benefits of civilization against it is something I have no patience for. And I realize that my visceral “Just nuke the bastards, already!” reaction isn’t the most sound philosophy on which to base a foreign policy, but still it would at least be refreshing, don’t you think?

Update: Steven Den Beste, always painfully level-headed and incisive, sheds some light on this delicate dance, indicating that our decidedly European propensity for slow, unfruitful negotiation in this case is actually what’s gonna do the little buggers in . Of course, he’s right. But still… can’t you nevertheless feel that urge to hover your finger right above the “Stone Age” button??

last update : 23-5-2018

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