I’m not sure exactly where to pinpoint the moment this happened, but it’s pretty clear to me by now that North Korea has ceased to be anything but a misbehaving child. If the world is a family of nations, then, for one thing, the disfunctions of such a family would make the folks that appear on Cops and The Jerry Springer Show look like the Waltons, but more importantly, North Korea would no doubt be the nasty little 4 year old, who either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the basic rules of how the world works, and has, partly through the fault of its parents, got the idea into its head that enough strident tantrums will get it whatever it wants .

So it cries, it pounds its hands on the table, sulks for a bit, makes wild demands and defies every attempt at sensible communication, threatens to hold its breath, screams some more. .

In 1994, the US (thank you, Jimmy Carter) gave North Korea waht was essentially a shiny new bike in exchange for the promise that little DPRK would stop playing with fire crackers and throwing them at the neighbor’s cat. A little while later, the beleaguered and naive parents learn that their bundle of joy has not only been a frequent visitor of the fireworks stand in the next town, but has been tying M-80’s to neighborhood dogs .

And the parents want to punish him, but they’re not up to the task to dealing with the hours of hysterical tantrums that will pour forth from the little monster should they do anything at all that he doesn’t like.

Frankly folks, it’s time for a few hours in the corner for little DPRK to think about what he’s done. At least until his father gets back from work. You see, h’s been on a business trip in Iraq, but as soon he gets home, he’s gonna get a hankerin’ fer some spankerin’.

last update : 19-4-2018

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