Via Orrin Judd comes this story about a brother and sister who filed a lawsuit alleging that the newly proposed federal consription law is unconstitutional since it only requires service from males. Usefully, the article reflects the changing role of women in the military, as their role has expanded considerably since the Supreme Court last visited the issue of required service only for men .

The lawsuit though perhaps tips its ideological hand with the following:


Attorney Harvey A. Schwartz, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of his son, stepdaughter and their friends, said the goal is not to get young women registered, but to get the registration law struck down . 

He said a broader motivation is to spur debate “about the possibility of a draft and of having suburban kids being shipped across the world to fight a war.”


Uh . “suburban kids being shipped across the world to fight a war”?

Well anyone who reads this blog with any frequency knows I’m no class warrior. If you wanted to pin it down, my aversion to class war could make me a class warrior-warrior (think anti-anti-communist, though, again, my sympathies would most precisely lie with the anti-anti-anti-communist camp. Ok, I’ll stop now), but his statement about “suburban kids” has to raise a few eyebrows, doesn’t it? At best, it looks like a limo-lib fruedian slip. At worst, he’s making the implicit statement that the only folks who should be “shipped across the world to fight” for our freedoms are the usual plebs from the inner cities and podunk rural areas. That sentiment is offensive not only to the people from those areas who now serve (with distinction) in the military in highly disproportionate numbers, but also to the military itself, implying that it’s an organization below the interest of middle class suburban kids, suitable only for our society’s under-achieving dregs.

Don’t get me wrong, I think any military draft is unfair and worse than that, counter-productive to having an efficient effective military, but neither do I take very kindly to Schwartz’ strategy or rhetoric in opposing it.

last update : 23-5-2018

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