James Lileks has a problem with the guy too, and seeing as how he is “the Lileks!”, he expresses his qualms with Scorsese’s mouth-before-mind Iraq statements much more eloquently and forcefully than my pigswill yesterday. In particular, he closes with the following gem:


You know what I’d like to hear, just once? “As a New Yorker, I remember too well the death and destruction that arrived on our doorstep that day in September . This may not mean we are right, but it surely means we are are bound by a notion of decency our opposites lack. As a human being, I mourn the loss of innocent life that will surely attend any war – but I must admit, if we could have prevented 9/11 with a military action that cost a dozen innocent lives, I would have supported it with the reluctance that must attend any act of organized violence. And finally, as a filmmaker who lives in a special kind of isolation, surrounded mostly by affluent like-minded people from the arts community, I must admit that when it comes to foreign affairs and military matters I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.”


Now, even setting aside the last sentence, could you ever, in your heart of hearts, even hope for such a thing from a Hollywood celebrity? The amount of sheer clarity and simple forceful moral sense would likely cause his showbiz friends, so comfortably ensconsed in their constructed ethical fantasy land, to skitter hurriedly from the room like roaches with the lights flipped on.

last update : 23-5-2018

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