You know, it’s nice that celebrities are so willing to give us their opinions on all things political, things for which their expertise is so deep and thorough so as to rival that of most, say, junior highschool students (at least the special ed ones). Only God only knows how we would be able to cope were we deprived of their shining wisdom. Could you imagine such a world??

[insert video of all the world’s children living together in blissful happiness]


Anyway, via Croooow Blog (“You know you want me, baby!”), we learn that Martin Scorcese is against war with Iraq. Hmph, yeah, big surprise. I’ll alert the media.

Oh … right.

Well, at least the guy didn’t try to go find some facts like his idiot contemporary, Sean Penn, whose pathetic little Baghdad odyssey could have been titled “Duped Fool Walking” (only someone from either Hollywood or Harvard could be so stupid as to go on a fact-finding mission in Iraq, choosing to have those facts handed over to him by the official representatives of Crazy Saddam’s Torture Emporium and House of Waffles). And yes, as an American, he’s entitled to the right to dissent. One might hope, however, that someone who knows that such a fellow, given his celebrity status which would guaruntee him a significant (and unwarranted) amount of attention to whatever proclamation he deigns to make, might either actually take some time to think about what he has to say, or else shut his stupid wop mouth (I’m italian, so I can say that . You can’t. We only say it to each other. Think of blacks and that infamous word that begins with the letter that comes 2 spaces after “L” and you’ll have an idea).

Scorcese’s clearly well thought-out analysis goes as follows:


One hopes that this kind of war can be done diplomatically, with intelligence rather than wiping out a lot of innocent civilians.. .


At the very least, you have to admit the guy is efficient.


  • Gross mischaracterization/simplification of war goals and procedures: check!
  • Arrogant elitist suggestion that anyone who disagrees lacks intelligence: check!
  • Vague reference to uninformed suspicion/opinion/”feelings” as substitution for an actual argument: check!
  • Irrelevant plea for multiculturalist “understanding” of broken, backward countries andbrutal, medieval governments: check!
  • And finally (you knew it would come to this): Pollyannish assertion that what he wishes were true about human nature is true because… well, just because: check!


While many of his above statements come from the most dog-eared passages of the Left’s “Handy Ideas to Piss Off the Squares” handbook, some of them are just plain baffling.


I think it really has to come down to respecting how other people live .”


What the holy hell is he talking about? Respect how Saddam systematically brutalizes and murders his people? So now auto-genocide is just another lifestyle choice? Or does he mean we have to learn to respect the way the Iraqi people live, forced to endure lives of pain, privation and constant fear under rulers whose decadent barbarism and remarkably imaginative cruelty would make Caligula strongly urge some psychotherapy?

Right, that must be it. I really need to learn to be more tolerant of the Iraqi people’s choice to be brutalized and oppressed. Hey, don’t knock getting your testicles electrocuted till you’ve tried it.


There’s got to be ways this can be worked out diplomatically, there simply has to be.


Well, that really sums it up, doesn’t it, folks? I mean, you can’t imagine that the Peace Fairies would let Little Marty down, could you? It’s unthinkable! That would be such a downer of an ending. The audience would walk out of the theaters in droves, and you can just forget about any Oscars…

What? This isn’t a movie?

“Reality”? Hmm, I’ll have to look that one up.

last update : 23-5-2018

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