David Horowitz should be mightily red-faced right about now concerning this piece published today on FrontPageMag .

The thing about it is, as Snopes points out, no such speech ever occurred . Someone removed the beginning and closing paragraphs that made it clear it was a magazine column, attached Hawley’s name to it, and it off into the wild digital yonder.

The fact that the speech was published in its internet hoax form on FrontPageMag doesn’t speak well of Horowitz’ publication.

Either they knew it was a hoax or they didn’t. If they did, then they are being conciously dishonest in knowingly allowing the hoax to spread further, at the same time misattributing the words to Hawley (who has publicly asked that anyone who sees the forgery online to to write and correct the mistake), and also taking credit from Miller, where it is due (or rather, overdue).

If they were unaware it was a hoax, well then I think they should maybe step up their fact-checking efforts a tad. Hell, I just did a search on Yahoo for “General Hawley speech” (Google was down) and the third highest result was an explanation of the falsity of the speech. This would be be about on par with the idiocy that Barbra Streisand was rightly trounced for in the Blogosphere and beyond when she publicly trumpeted a section of prose that was being passed around on the internet attributed to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, that had a lot of grandiose warnings about patriotism and which she thought really stuck it good to Bush and Co. Babs really couldn’t be blamed for believing in that obvious hoax (anyone who has read Shakespeare much at all would quickly notice that the quote simply was not very Shakespearean, either in style or substance), because, well, she’s a fucking nitwit.

But shouldn’t Horowitz know better, with all the info available on this subject that’s out there? Indeed, even the comments section on FrontPageMag is full of people pointing out that Hawley never said these words.

So what gives, David?

last update : 23-5-2018

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