One of the best ways to obfuscate, to confuse and cloud an argument, is to come up with some falsehood that is on its face blatantly untrue, and hurl it with ferocity at your opponent, such as accusing him of doing exactly what you do, of being exactly what you are. Are you advocating a violent, psychopathic plan to completely wipe out your enemy? Nothing will grind any useful discussion or review of the facts of a situation to a halt faster than merely asserting that this is true of your opponent.

It’s a polemic broadside that borrows heavily from Goebbels’ Big Lie theory: if you repeat an obvious falsehood enough times with enough conviction, people will start to believe it. But it also adds the element of perhaps (if you are effective enough at repeating the lie with a straight face) shifting whatever unsavory qualities you yourself possess to your opponent, no matter how diametrically opposed those qualities to them.

And it is often effective precisely because it’s so patently absurd. How do you argue with someone who says the sky is purple, or that two plus two equals a pint? The claim is so fundamentally whacked-out that one would be forced to return to basic principles of reality to find any ground on which to argue against it, other than “Huh?” This is something people aren’t usually used to doing, since most of the time when someone you’re arguing with isn’t either insane or a blatant liar, the points of disagreement are often much narrower and easier to focus on. You’re thrown for a loop because there is no real sensible answer backed up with evidence that can be given without some sort of exhaustive review of many essential facts that most people take for granted .

Also, in an argument where both parties have a lot of emotional investment, the blatant lie will often work in shutting down the debate because such an assertion will often enrage the accused party to the point that their ability to assess the faulty tenets of the lie and lay them out logically is impaired by emotion.

One might say that the Palestinians have perfected this strategy, or perhaps they have merely been lucky enough to seize upon a situation where a golden opportunity to perpetrate a big, blatantly false reversal of truth already existed. The Jews were nearly exterminated as a people by the Nazis. Now there is a concerted effort to exterminate any of them living in the middle east. How do you hide the fact that the Palestinains as a people would be perfectly happy to see every last Jew in Israel torn to bits by nail bombs?

Simple. You call them Nazis. A more pure expression of the blatant lie probably couldn’t exist, though one might imagine a darkly comic bizarro world where the Nazis themselves had called the Jews Nazis . But as it stands, the Palestinians (as well as a good portion of the Arab world) are about as close to modern day Nazis as you can get, what with their adoration of “Mein Kampf” (one of the biggest sellers on the Palestinian street), and claims that Hitler didn’t do enough in prosecuting his final solution, while, incidentally, they assert out of the other side of their mouth that the Holocaust is a Jewish lie in itself.

Now, even those in the West who would grandiosely label themselves “anti-Zionists,” who often are capable of spewing the most vile kind of bilious garbage at the state of Israel and its inhabitants, still would likely chafe at the thought of calling Jews Nazis, at least the first time they heard it. But don’t worry, let them hear it a few more times. Give them a chance to let the idea sink in, and let that voice in the back of their minds start to wonder, “Hey, why not?”, and voila, you’ve got activist brats on American college campuses accusing Jews of being the new genocidal brownshirts, even while they and their campus allies are busy painting swastikas and throwing bricks through the windows of the local Hillel.

It’s “What a pity Hitler didn’t finish them off, and oh, by the way, there was no Holocaust,” just in different words.

How does one expect a Jew to respond intelligibly to such a thing? I’m not Jewish and I honestly can’t decide whether or not I would simply write them off as not worth talking to and translate my response into a closed fist hurtling at their face if I were confronted with that brand of rhetorical garbage in person.

And when the words are hurled in newspapers and on television screens and across computer networks, how does one respond? I think it would be hard for many to get over their initial urge to merely say something along the lines of “You fucking pieces of shit .” The alternative that is most often follwoed is to merely ignore it, because no reasonable answer can be given to outlandish lies. But then, often that silence allows the Big Lie to take better take root in the hearts and minds of the gullible or those who all along were predisposed or eager to believe such a thing, but who lacked only the bravery to personally face down their own cognitive dissonance.

In the minds of many campus radicals, for instance, the urge to somehow tarnish Israel, a Western capitalist democracy, with the brush of fascism was always there. I can see it in their deep-seated hatred for nearly all things Western/American, especially in the case of Israel because it’s a western liberal democracy plopped down in a sea of third world disfunctionality, one made abjectly poor by corruption and the failed economic policies so ardently embraced by permanatly outraged campus radicals and one that also is mired in backward, nearly medieval cultural stagnation, which is praised as being more “genuine” than their boogeyman version of empty capitalistic consumerism.

But how could they denounce as fascistic a nation whose very founding was based on the redress of its people’s suffering under racist fascism?

Rather easily, it turns out. The blatant lie fills the bill handily, and the shouts of “Nazis!” are hurled by Palestinians (from whose other frequent statements one might conclude the epithet is actually a compliment) so that the call can eventually be taken up by college students (and journalists, and government officials) who are too softheaded to realize that a thing’s veracity does not increase merely because it is said often and loudly, even by officially approved “victim” groups.

And the tactic continues in other spheres as well, such as when North Korea accuses the US of being an aggressive, unstable warmonger, or George Bush, in his administration’s pursuit of Al Qeada, is called a terrorist, or a rabbi for the Simon Wiesenthal who publicizes extremist Islamic anti-Semitism is accused of “intolerance” by CAIR, a group that, among other things, sponsors political rallies in the US where official speakers call for the wholesale death of the Jews . It’s all absurd and it’s all outrageous, and to be sure, one could set out a clear cut as to why, for instance, Bush’s anti-terrorism measures do not in fact constitute terrorism itself, but I’m not going to do that now. I don’t have the energy and I don’t have the patience. I’ve heard it all to many times, from the mouths of too many liars accusing others of dishonety and too many mad killers tarnishing others with the label of murderer.

Maybe when I’m more rested and have got my daily dose of bright idealism coursing through me, I’ll be able to mount a methodical effort that demonstrates, as just one example, how the US isn’t seeking a global empire, while those Islamofuckwads we should be killing right now are. So right now, in my fatigue and sloth, I’m just going to say, “You fucking pieces of shit,” and leave it at that for the time being.

Good night.

last update : 23-5-2018

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