Yeah, I’m gonna go with the former on this one.

The InstaFellow had some things to say about that picture of Lil Kim sorta dressed in a burkha. It seems some Muslim groups were upset by it, but Aziz Poonawalla says that the folks in question weren’t representative, and that most of the muslims he knows think that it’s “awesome .”

Well that’s interesting, considering that what H.O.P . Perhaps Aziz only associates with very liberal muslims, but I can’t see the more powerful muslim groups in this country like CAIR, an organization that has said it would just be tickled pink if the US instituted traditional Sharia law (and are working to make that happen), gushing over Kim’s curves and proclaiming that her deliberate perversion of one of their sacred cultural practices is “awesome.”

As for the Instapundit reader who writes in to say,


Far from mocking Muslim women, the cover reminds me of the non-Jewish Danish King putting on the yellow star under Nazi occupation. The King wasn’t mocking the Jews but expressing his solidarity with their plight . Likewise, this Lil Kim cover seems not so much a mockery of Muslim culture as an expression of solidarity with the women who are repressed in large parts of the Muslim world.


Riiiight. Whatever, dude .

Lil Kim, from my admittedly limited knowledge of her personality, career and viewpoints, doesn’t strike me as the type to do this on the grounds of a principled stance on women’s rights. She’s an aggressively crass publicity hound, whose shtick is being a woman rapper that’s just as gross and foul-mouthed as the men are. Proving that a woman can degrade herself in the public sphere just as much as a man can isn’t a good thing. Will people, for instance, be cheering when women start breaking the oppressive gender barrier of say, serial killing?

Note to the easily outraged: I am not equating serial killing with rap music. The only thing I equate with serial killing is telemarketers. What I am doing is pointing out that something often (rightly) derided for its crude pornographic nature suddenly becomes, in the eyes of many, a cause for celebration because a woman is doing it and apparently breaking some sort of gender barrier.

last update : 26-5-2018

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