So close to being done with the whole school thing. So very close! Picosecond close . Now, keeping this in mind, I would promise a flurry of bloggage to sweep down from the brain’s summit today after about 3:30 pm, since that’s when I’ll be handing in the final final, but that would be a lie, since not long after that I’m going to see The Two Towers.

In your face, Space Coyote!

Speaking of which (the movie, not the Space Coyote), a few days ago the Guardian had an article in its entertainment section offering alternatives to what they portrayed as the nerdly, immature silliness of Tolkien and his morally unsophisticated world . The thing was entitled “Movies for Grownups” or something similar.

Chalk up one more reason to hate the Guardian.

How about “Movies for Pretentious Types So Insecure About Their Own Refinement That They Must Go to Great Pains Demonstrating Just How Terribly Upscale and Un-Plebian Their Tastes Are.” ?

Well, yeah, that probably would have taken up too much column space, but sometimes you gotta sacrifice some economy for truth.

last update : 19-4-2018

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