He’s the Republican Bill Clinton.

[several seconds of ducking the bottles and rotten fruit]

Really, though . Hold a fundraiser in Michigan, however, and you’re liable get a pathologically “concerned” rumination on the grave concerns of the American backlash against Muslims and the suffering of the Palestinians.

Well, Trent Lott can certainly talk that talk now, can’t he?


You can pretty much tell Trent Lott is toast when he tells Black Entertainment Television that he “absolutely” supports affirmative action .


Give a speech at the birthday party of an ex-segregationist, and say a few nice words about how all this equal protection, legal equality hooey really gummed up America. Give an interview on BET, and suddenly it looks like you’re all juiced up to take out 400 years of oppression from Whitey’s ass . Apparently, the prostration will be televised.

Lott’s shown no discomfort in the past in demonstrating himself to the kind of man who looks at principles as currency to be traded and exchanged for the right amount of political commodity, but this goes far beyond his past shenannigans (as far as I know. I admit, I’m not on as much of a first name basis with his shenannigans as many others). It’s just one more reason why everyone would be better off with him keeping his dagburned mouth shut somewhere quiet and out of the way until the next election. Even if it weren’t a matter of personal integrity, any SML that would be required, for whatever reasons or circumstances, even those not of his own making, to throw away a key principle of the party that he’s supposed to be leading by immolating himself at the altar of racialist politics is quite simply a political liability of the highest order, to say nothing of the fact that he’s just a goddamned weasel.

A new slogan for the blogosphere: Lott eiciendus est!

last update : 22-5-2018

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