Jesse Jackson, for once you and I agree.

Sure, you called New York “Hymietown,” and it must really rankle deep down that Lott has chosen to apologize/equivocate his ugly remarks with “It was a mistake of the head or the mouth, not of the heart,” the same words you used to placate all those whiny hymies and protect your future career as the preeminent shakedown artist of major corporations and biggest public embarrassment to your race (of course I mean “biggest” in the figurative sense, since the biggest embarrassment to American blacks is still that land monster otherwise known as Sharpton).

But no matter, because what Lott said was despicable, and the revelations about his college fraternity activities and ties to certain unsavory political groups in Mississippi certainly don’t help the man, and yes, he shouldn’t be leading the Republican party with those kinds of credentials. It gave me a feeling of revulsion and outrage when I learned about it.

Chris Lawrence says that Lott’s ties to groups such as The Council of Conservative Citizens is just a necessary part of politics in the South. Apparently one has to lie down with those dogs if they want to get up with the cash and support to win elections and go to Washington or Jackson, and that this might mean that Lott is merely just another southern politician who has learned to pander to the racist fringe while not necessarily believing in their cause. If this were true, Lott’s real blunder was only in not being discreet enough about it like the other political animals who have learned to talk about diversity and equality and integration on the national news while winking quietly at the good ol’ boys in the gallery.

Chris seems to think this is just the brutal realities of politics in the South. Chris doesn’t go so far as to say it, but he seems to suggest that for this reason Lott shouldn’t be forced into the political coffin that both liberals and conservatives (especially conservatives) are measuring him for .

Well, I say bullocks to that. I don’t want the support of white supremicists, even if it helps the people with which I have a strong ideological affinity with on other issues get elected to office. It isn’t worth it, either on practical or (more importantly) moral grounds. We on the Right will point out every instance we can find of Democrats and liberals in general siding with unsavory characters whom they might be associating with for the expedience of getting elected. Whether someone seeks political gain by sucking up to the race baiter Al Sharpton or the terrorist-supporting royal family of Saudi Arabia, those politicians are rightly denounced widely in the Blogosphere and elsewhere, yet Trent Lott and his buddies are supposed to get a pass when they at least occasionally pretend to go along with the ugly ideology of those who happen to be able to pony up some dough or a few thousand badly needed votes come election day, no matter how bass ackward their politics happen to be?

I don’t think so.

I have no idea how extensive this kind of pandering to troglodytes, racial or otherwise, is in the Republican party, but whoever does it needs to be cleared out, or at least to vocally and consistently repudiate any support from sources that any mainstream civilized person would relegate to the extremist fringe.

And do not mistake me, the Democratic party stinks to high heaven with this kind of rot as well, and it goes just as deep, if not much more so than it does in the GOP. From McKinney’s hideous suck-up to the Saudis to the racial fear-mongering and appeals to suspicion if not outright hostility to whites that is all too common in just about any election whose winner will preside over a jurisdiction with even a handful of blacks in it, the Dems have got a plethora of their own problems when it comes to keeping bad company.

The sad thing is, I expect that the GOP will be much more likely to clean house . That much is apparent when you consider the startlingly similar cases of Robert Byrd and Trent Lott, and the varying reactions from within their own parties to the skeletons in their respective closets. And that does not even begin to touch on all of the other cancerous attachments that are an exclusively Democratic province.

Can you imagine the Democrats finally and conclusively giving Jesse Jackson his pink slip?

“Sorry Jess, but even though you get us some votes and money in the short term, we’ve just grown a bit tired with your relating every instance of percieved ‘racial insensitivity’ in modern life to a crime on par with a mass lynching of twenty black children. It’s not appropriate. It’s opportunistic. It’s ugly. Ms. Jones will show you to the door.”

Yeah, I didn’t think so .

And another thing, Mr. Jackson: I’m not sure you’re the guy who is most qualified to be criticizing Trent Lott and carping about he isn’t suitible to be a leader. After all, he didn’t say something quite as offensive as calling New York “Niggertown,” did he?

If his remarks warrant a withdrawal from a position of leadership, then surely your various doosies over the years should qualify you for a nice long caning.

Ms. Jones will show you to the Flagellation Room.

last update : 23-5-2018

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