Since pundits just love the name zinger, and since thus far the Lott debacle has failed to generate a suitable amount of silly puns, I humbly proffer the following .



  • Lott in the Act
  • His Lott in Life
  • The Vacant Lott
  • Whole Lott-a Resigning Goin’ On
  • Casting (Out) Lotts
  • Lott Not Hot, Caught in Taught Spot, Fraught with Rot (that would be the Variety headline -ed .)


Got any more? Drop ’em in the comments section. Thank you, come again.

Update: Jonah Goldberg: “It does make you wonder how hilarious this whole thing would be if former congressman Dick Swett had somehow gotten into similar trouble.”

last update : 19-4-2018

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