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When activist groups on our campuses try to adopt policies which they say are intended to promote freedom and diversity of opinion. and it turns out that their real goal is to suppress conservative opinion and restrict expression by members of “the overclass” (i.e. white males), then we are right to say that they’re really advocating censorship and repression and that their claims to belief in tolerance and diversity are a sham.


As with many things Den Beste (rightfully) finds distasteful, he could easily be describing much of the political atmosphere of Berkeley . It also jives pretty well with the following email I recieved recently, from a fellow who inhabited this burg in the Dark Ages Sixties:


Berkeley? Damn, but I can tell you a few stories. In the early 60’s, I published and used to sell my posters through the Berkeley Book Store, as well as other college book stores up and down the coast. Some of them were pure humor (the original Beatnik posters by Crump), some a political viewpoint, sort of anti-communist in nature, if you know what I mean. Well, then came the sit-ins and riots there in Berkeley. All of a sudden, the Free Speech Committee was born . They visited the book store and objected to my posters, then demanded that they be removed.

With ostrich-sized brains and true inspiration, they came out with some insipid renditions of Mao, Che and Ho Chi Minh for the store to sell, and mine were rmoved from sight. Such is Free Speech in Berkeley. Such is Freedom in Berkeley. But, of course, there never was Freedom of Speech under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che, Ho Chi Minh, Castro or any other socialist dictator, and that’s exactly what they all were/are .

Actions like that are about as close to Fascism as one can get. And so, do you wonder why newspapers can disappear, or why David Horowitz’s ad could not be seen? Censorship, pure and simple. One day a mob of students even chased a uniformed Naval officer down the street.


Speech is free, of course. It’s just that some kinds of speech are freer than others, especially when you’re a self-righteous spoiled brat/thug in Berkeley wishing to give voice to the oppressed.

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