Six decades from now, will people be looking back every September 11 and be remembering how it was that day that turned the world around? When people think about Pearl Harbor now, it stands out as that moment when the nation crystalized from an amorphous mass of isolationism and petty domestic concerns to a juggernaut that would defeat the two greatest evil powers in the world at the time .

Sixty years from now, I think people will be looking back at September 11 and they will remark, “That’s when it all started to turn around . That’s when we went from a nation obsessed with the tiniest vibrations of the domestic economy and the political minutiae of the day and turned our eyes both inward and outward towards what was really important. That was the moment when the people of the middle east and much of Asia started on the road, kicking and screaming at first, to the relative peace and prosperity they enjoy today. That’s when the fuse was lit on the charge that would implode the oppressive extremism that existed in much of Islam then. That’s when the world started to open up.”

At least, that’s my hope.

last update : 23-5-2018

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