So, idly browsing through my visitor IP list, I see the following address listed:

Over at Startribune . Someone who works at the Star Tribune happens to read my site, or at least has done so once, right?

Ah ha.

It also happens to be the place of employ for this guy. Would it be foolishly optimistic of me to hope that he is a reader, considering his talents and also considering the massive variety of quality available elsewhere on the banquet table of the blogosphere? Yeah, probably .

Doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it, however.

Call me a hopeless optimist. Or call me a pathologically delusional egotist (fair warning though: if you do, I will have to punch you in the goddamn mouth … sorry, was channeling Bill Buckley there for a moment). Either way, I choose to throw my lot in with slim chances and unrealistic connections. It’s the human thing to do, after all. Drawing conclusions you want to be true with only the barest possibility avaliable while hundreds of more plausible explanations are shoved into the back room so that their irritating cries of “Your reasoning is specious!” and “Come on, what are the chances?” become only a muffled din is the kind of long odds that people are wont to lean to.

Who am I to deny my illogical roots?

last update : 19-4-2018

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