Look, I don’t want to sound like a slobbering fanboi here, but Mark Steyn just makes it too damn hard to resist by being so darn cool.

Case in point: “The UN’s foray into Saddamasochism”


It might well be an excellent idea to send S&M weapons inspectors to Iraq. In the event that Saddam takes them hostage and manacles them upside down to the wall of his dungeon, he’ll get nothing out of them except howls of “Oh, God, yes! More! Please! Just a little lower and use the one with spikes on.” On the other hand, I can’t quite see the point of dispatching inspectors whose main expertise is in training sex slaves. Those are the fellows in black rubber hoods being led blindly around the room on a dog leash, which pretty well sums up the relationship between Saddam and the UN for the last 10 years.


last update : 23-5-2018

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