A good comment by “ct” on Gene Expression on the concept of intellectualism. ..


If one is going to use the term ‘intellectual’ in a non-satiric way then the stereotypical coffeehouse scene is probably the last place to look for one .


It’s not as if no one has ever said such a thing before, but it’s good to be reminded of these simple truths every now and then when one has to contend with the onslaught of “intellectuals” in our univesities or media who often seem to cliquishly gather their brains into the assembled mass of the modern hive mind of right-thinking, enlightened people, and who too regularly substitute pat, one-size-fits-all truisms for critical thinking or analysis.

It makes me think of the father of a friend of mine from highschool. He had a small house painting business, but in his spare time he read philosophy and history, was a knowledgable connoisseur of classical music and generally was engaged in the ideas and issues of the world around him the same way many of the more respected bloggers are today.

In other words, an intellectual, though I find it hard to actually call him that since to lump him into the company of many of those who wear the title today would be a wholly undeserved slight.

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