So one of the benefits of living in a student co-op is the wonderful sense of unpredictability to which one quickly becomes accustomed to expect with each new prepared dinner. Every night except Saturday, about 4 house members cook dinner for everyone as their workshift . Cooking for about 70 people (127 live in the house, but not everyone comes to every dinner) invites a unique set of problems, but I’m continually surprised by the gusto with which the house cooks attack their appointed task.

However man cannot live on enthusiasm alone .

Once in a while, you get head cooks who want to try something “different,” or those who have weird ideoglogical, hippie-fied ideas about what is good food or what people should be eating and so you end up eating something that has the consistency of dirt, but without the rich, delicious flavor. Sure, it may taste like you’re chowing down on a construction worker’s 2 month old Odor Eaters, but hey, it’s natural and there were absolutely no cute wittle nanimals harmed in the process .

I’m not sure which of those two categories of culinary abberations I like less. I used to think it was the latter, but tonight’s entry, being strongly in the “hey, who needs a recipe when you can improvise?” vein, presents one with an exquisite exemplar of poor planning and/or a lack of proper medication .

From what I can tell, the cooks stuffed a hand grenade down the throat of a live chicken and cooked whatever they could scrape off the walls in one big pot. It was a gooey mass of bone, cartilage, oil, charred grease and I think perhaps some actual meat thrown in for a lark . I don’t know if this is an actual established dish (if it is, we should nuke whatever country came up with it right now [oh, please let it be France!]), but if not, I’d like to coin an appropriate name for it right now: the Esophagus Blocker… “it’s chokariffic!”

Seriously folks, I cannot imagine this dish turning out any differently if they had forced a chicken into an industrial sized blender and set it on “mangle” for a few minutes. Could anyone tell me if this is a real recipe, or are my suspicions that they were just using whatever remains they could scrape together from the 25th Annual Rocket Launcher Chicken Hunt valid?

Inquiring minds want to know.

last update : 22-5-2018

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