Anyone who reads this site or, even more so, the Angry Clam regularly will be at least vaguely aware of the Roberto Hernandez/SJP thugs case. Just to sum up for newcomers, last April a bunch of people from Students for Justice in Palestine, a campus organization that apologizes for and even glorifies the terrorists working daily to kill as many Israeli men, women and children as possible, held a rally in front of Wheeler hall in the middle of the school day. But this was no peaceful demonstration. It was purposefully as disruptive as possible and the criminals demonstrators went out of their way to interupt midterm exams going on in Wheeler Hall, both by physically blocking the entrance to the auditorium and intruding upon the classes going on. My girlfriend had a test that day there and was trying to step over idiots protesters lying down in the foyer, who then grabbed at her legs and tried to not let her inside .

This is the kind of behavior that the “Wheeler 33” are being held accountable for. I use the sneer quotes because I find it particularly embarrassing the way these people constantly try to draw on the mythic traditions of progressive social protest for their foolish, misinformed causes. That is of course not to suggest that groups of the type they seek to emulate, such as the Chicago Eight, were any better than they are. Indeed, Abbie Hoffman and his seven other ilk were truly reprehensible people, whereas these Berkeley poseurs with their pretentious grandstanding are just trying desperately to copy them and live up to their mentally-challeneged forefathers’ standard of activist stupidity. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure which pisses me off more .

Well, according to the Daily Cal, the administrative hearings to decide the disciplinary fate of the 33 law breakers have been moved to December 6th, a cause for great alarm and outrage according to this editorial, which claims that this is an effort to barr any kind of outside (especially student) oversight from intruding upon what many people who lean far towards the philosophical school of pretentious silliness consider to be some kind of Star Chamber proceedings.

But UC Berkeley administrators have yet again, intentionally or not, shrouded the hearings in secrecy by moving the their commencement to Dec. 6—the final day of instruction and the last day of fall publication of The Daily Californian. 

The new hearings will be open to the public and the press—a commendable move to ensure fair proceedings for the Wheeler 33. But in effect, the university has made it nearly impossible for students to attend and serve as watchdogs over the hearings .

UC Berkeley students, at the time the semester is coming to a close, often juggle maintaining their own well-being with studying for their final exams. Students would have to stretch their capabilities to attend the Wheeler 33 hearings—hardly a feasible expectation the university should place on students to uphold fairness.

This is, to put it mildly, quite a stretch.

The fact of the matter is that the last day of classes, and indeed for some, the several days after that, is a time when students often take some time to relax and recharge their batteries before studying for finals begins, since the very first exam isn’t until the next Wednesday anyway. There is a small minority of people every semester who, by the (un)luck of the draw end up with a particularly grueling finals schedule, with 3 or 4 tests bunched into the first 2 or three days of the finals schedule, but those people are few and far between .

And of course, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here (ok, I love to hurt peoples’ feelings), but I highly doubt that many of the people involved in SJP activities (the type that would attend such hearings) have much difficult studying to do for their bullshit less-than-highly-rigorous “Ethnic Studies” or “Peace and Conflict Studies” courses. Pardon me for sounding like an elitist academic snob, but I don’t think they need to spend dozens of hours in the library in order to scrawl “Kill Whitey!” on their exam booklet and recieve their standard A-.

But that’s just one jerk’s opinion…

last update : 23-5-2018

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