This is coming rather late in the game, to be sure, but reading Jay Nordlinger, I’m reminded of something that all Americans should be heartily thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Of course there is the obvious fact that over the last year and few months we have not had any significant terrorist attacks in this country, and indeed, acknowledging that fact by itself is already a worthy thing to do, but I’m reminded just how grateful we should be by the following quote by Tom Ridge: “We have to be right a thousand times a day forever. They have to be right once in a while.”

Well, either they’ve been woefully incompetent, or we’ve been right a thousand times a day, every day, for the last 15 months . I suspect it’s a little bit of both, though I can’t say just how much you’d want to take from column A and B as an explanantion.

Perhaps anti-intuitively, it would actually be more comforting to think that Al Qeada is still a capable and effective organization (“still” is even a word that is somewhat in question.. .

Of course this is not to discount the activities of the “shadow-warriors” that are working to protect us every day. I’d imagine they’ve been doing their job with the same amount of dedication as ever. It is instead the attitudes of those more visible officials who would allow them a free hand to work that have been forced to change in the last year. Could you imagine the heads that would roll if someone in the intelligence community in the pre-9/11 world had decided to “execute without trial!” half a dozen known terrorists with a missile up the tailpipe of their car?

But nonetheless, despite all this doubt I’ve been liberally throwing around in the last couple paragraphs like a Masachusetts senator with some juicey government pork, I am still quite thankful that, a thousand times a day, for the last 400 days or so, either we have been very vigilent or they have been very stupid. I’d prefer the former, but I can live with the latter.

last update : 19-4-2018

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