From Mark Steyn:

I was in the Gulf six months ago, and I came to the conclusion that a majority of the people I met – somewhere between 55 and 70 per cent – were, to use the technical term, nuts . “He just thinks he saw it,” she replied. “The Americans know how to do these things.”


This kind of pathologically delusional state that exists in many (if not most) of the most educated and cosmopolitan of Arab minds seems to keep hitting us over the head, but yet it is never really acknowledged with the amount of emphasis it should be in the mainstream Western media. So you need “extreme right-wingers” and “racists” like Steyn to bring these things to light.

As sad as this collective Arab fantasy world is, what is equally dissapointing to my mind is the fact that the US and the West in general deludes itself into disregarding this obvious insane level of visceral hostility as well as the realization that as long as such views are given a place of prominence in the Arab mindset, that we cannot simply blindly decide that these people are our allies and expect them to work with or for us.

Of course, there is the caveat that one cannot really know how much trust is actually accorded these nations by our own government and how much of the diplomatic pronouncements is just us saying “Nice doggie,” while we search for a rock, but still it’s a troubling thought when one realizes that 9/11 was allowed to happen in part because those who should have known better (and I mean the people whose jobs it is to protect Americans; diplomats and other officials whose functions are more geared towards ostentation than anything else do not count in this instance) disregarded the painfully obvious signs that many of our “friends” in countries like Saudi Arabia would just as soon fly some jumbo jets into our buildings as look at us.

After things like the continued reign of idiocy of officials like Norm Mineta even after the September wake-up call, one has to wonder whether or not those in charge really got the message.

last update : 23-5-2018

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