The Rott does us all the favor of pointing to Mark Steyn’s new on-line abode. This isn’t just a vanity site, it’s something truly useful, since the man is just an absolute journo-whore who writes for far too many publications to name (and thank God he doesn’t have anything better to do). Now, you’ve got all that rich Steyn-y goodness linked to in one convenient location. It’s like being a kid in an anti-idiotarian candy store .

Witness the man’s unabating, yet pitch-perfectly casual savagery when he sets his sights on the (admittedly huge and difficult to miss) target of Michael Moore:

But, usually, folks are nicer than that. And so you can?t help noticing that, for a champion of the little guy, he goes to an awful lot of time and effort to make the little guy look like a chump. Moore has no interest in digging deep into his subjects, when all the fun?s to be had on the surface of American life ? the squeaky receptionists, the bored security guards, the bland PR women, the square company guy in the suit, the State Police trooper with the infelicitous phrasing, the bozo in the pool hall? His vision of America as a wasteland of gun kooks, conspiracy theorists and perky brain-fried mall clerks will doubtless have them rolling in the aisles in London this weekend. In New Hampshire, there were only four other moviegoers in the theatre . But Moore, a great favourite with the BBC, now does his shtick with an eye to the non-American market.


And that’s just part of the opener.

You know, it’s part of the sacred canon of liberal-idiot thinking that the only affection between men that we pathologically repressed homophobic prude types on the Right allow is between soldiers dying in battle, or triumphant athletes on the football field, baseball diamond, hockey rink, etc (but not the soccer field, that’s just too European and thus. .. fruity). Well, they’re almost right, but they left one out: the emotion that can only be described as love when reading a savagely clear, insightful linguistic destruction of idiocy. So, I feel no shame in saying, “Damn, I love this guy.”

last update : 19-4-2018

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