PETA continues its concentrated effort to go from an organization that is generally ignored and/or laughed at to one that is genuinely hated by a significant proportion of the public. The moral idiocy of the group is a well-established fact . She stalled and equivocated and basically refused to give an answer, revealing that even she realized that her views were so repugnant to most people that she would be well-disposed to not actually say what she believed.

Well, you can now add another notch to the PETA stupidity counter with this new ad campaign, which depicts an armed terrorist taking over a supermarket and demanding that people stop eating meat . The terrorist turns out to be a turkey puppet.

Cute, huh? It’s a puppet . That couldn’t be offensive, it’s harmless and silly!

Like the hedging, dishonest statements by Newkirk, I truly don’t see how people could fail to be supremely pissed off by this idiotic crap, unless they’re simply not paying attention to what PETA is actually saying. Newkirk wouldn’t actually commit to saying that killing a mosquito is the same as killing a human, but neither would she say that the latter was worse in any way . In the same manner, this commercial relies on the fact that the terrorist is a turkey puppet, trying to make what actually is a threat of violence against meat-eaters seem harmless, cute, fun, absurd.

But if it’s just a bit of fun nonsense, their message would be meaningless. Unless they are deliberately parodying themselves and their cause (something I’m not too inclined to believe), the message being transmitted is still one of possible violence: eat meat, expose yourself to violent reprisals. This is not to suggest that PETA members will actually start going around to supermarkets with submachne guns mowing down people buying Thanksgiving turkeys, but the threat itself is gross and offensive.

PETA, if it wants to be considered as anything other than an extremist psycho organization for brain donor eco-freaks would be well-advised to concentrate on at least looking like they’re going for the moral high ground by appealing to people’s consciences, rather than threatening them with terrorist violence for eating turkey.

last update : 18-6-2018

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