Yes, the obligatory Thanksgiving Day post. I couldn’t just ignore it, of course . Surely I couldn’t go on detailing and offering my own brand of uninformed highly incorrect thoughts on the day’s events without first acknowledging the day itself, right?

Well, really, who the hell says I can’t?

Mostly that nagging feeling in the back of my head I suppose. The fact is, I would feel like much the selfish ingrate for not recognizing the vast array of benefits and lucky coincidences that have lined themselves squarely up in front of me for the taking throughout my entire life, as if the sweetest fruit on the trees somehow conspired to all grow easily within my reach and hang down right in front of my face, practically screaming at me to take it and enjoy . And that’s only when it didn’t already drop off the tree and bean me in the noggin, apparently being so eager to bestow its sweet goodness on my undeserving self.

So for those of you not able to follow my rambling mixed metaphors, I’m saying I’m a pretty lucky fellow, fortunate beyond what I now deserve or could ever earn if I worked the rest of my life trying to . Adding to my general unworthiness, there is the salient point that most of the 365 days out of the year, my eyes can’t help but focus on the minutiae of daily life right in front of me, and I am constantly mistaking those single, irritating trees for the gigantic and beautiful forest they make up.

So here goes: the list of things I should be dropping to my knees and thanking God for every day, yet only seem to really recognize around this time of year (and sometimes not even then) . This is also the one day of the year when I realize how inadequate my general happiness is in the face of such personal bounty, but all I can do is tell myself to remember that fact tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, and to measure up the molehill of my daily annoyances and difficulties aginst the mountain of good fortune that I should be counting every day.

Thank you for allowing me to live thus far to the ripe old age of 22, and to enjoy these two decades absent of significant illness or economic hardship .

Thank you for giving me the chance to get an education at a great university, even though I disregard my academic responsibilities with far too much regularity, and don’t often enough appreciate the gift of knowledge that I’m given every day.

Thank you for Michelle, the singularly most beautiful, generous, kind and all around wonderful person I’ve ever met, and who not only tolerates but somehow, inexplicably loves me as well.

Thank you for giving me the gift of being born and raised in the greatest, most free and prosperous country the world has ever known, and one which made me, upon birth, instantly among the most fortunate 4 percent of people on the planet.

Thank you for those people who, for some reason, find some value, be it frviolous or weighty, in the things I blather on about on this website. I know their numbers are few, but also know that they are much more numerous than I deserve, and so I have to thank them for giving me the chance to give an opinion and have someone pay attention every so often.

So that’s the list. It’s woefully incomplete to be sure, but it’s something. And I hope that all of you have at least as many things for which you can count yourself lucky, and I also hope you’re better than I am at remembering them on the other 364 days of the year when we’re not innundated with turkey and relatives as a reminder.

last update : 26-5-2018

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