I’ve come to learn to not expect much from Tom Meyer, the SF Chronicle’s chief political cartoonist. First of all, the very fact that he is the ensconsed and approved resident of the silliest and most craptastic major daily west of the continental divide says volumes about what kind of political and moral absurdities he tends to give life to on the editorial page several times a week.

At least he isn’t Ted Rall . At the very least, it can be said for him that he actually has some actual skill at visual art, unlike the Rallinator, who can absolutely kill any kind of powerful image and rob it of any emotional or intellectual impact by rendering it into that gradeschooler template of visual expression, where every single figure and object is a carbon copy of the previous one, while the original happened to horribly suck as well.

But Meyer’s most recent take on the Miss World debacle in Nigeria that has revealed what a wonderfully peaceful, tolerant, and never insane religion Islam can be is the kind of idiotic, senseless and downright offensive stuff that Rall dreams about doing.

See that picture? Death incarnate wearing the Miss World sash and striding happily away from what must be the ashes of Lagos, after having wrought its evil and suffering on Nigeria .

Cuz, see, the fault here lies with the Miss World pageant for bringing their heathen customs to Nigeria and not having enough multicultural sensitivity for the poor, stupid muslims who of course couldn’t be expected to not riot in the face of such blasphemy to their religion! No talk of insane Muslim extremism that would turn an offhand remark in a newspaper column into the reason to kill 200 people and try to burn a city to the ground. We couldn’t have that! After all, this whole episode was clearly the fault of those stupid pageant organizers not being multicultural enough! They should have known that delicate Muslim sensibilities would give way to days of murderous rampages when you’ve got some pretty girls showing their bare ankles in public. It’s not the insane Muslims’ fault, of course . To suggest otherwise would be to go against years of indoctrination that says when people from the third world act like savages, there must be some root cause that is the fault of the West. Well at least in this instance, our wonderfully insightful cartoonist wasn’t forced to tax his pea-sized brain to come up with something less obvious (or less stupid) than blaming the fact that there was a beauty pageant being held in a country of idiot extremists.

Meyer, you stupid, stupid, stupid piece of editorial trash.

last update : 23-5-2018

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