This is why I sometimes miss the time when there were more communist countries in the world. Their outright and bold-faced diplomatic shamelessness was always so much fun .

COmmunism, being that most ideological of “-isms,” always, always must claim the rhetorical and moral high ground, no matter what the situation, no matter how pathetic a lie it is, no matter how entusiastically silly it makes them look. If a meteor fell out of the sky in 1985 and destroyed half of Moscow, the Russian newscasts that night would say “Good news comrades! A meteor has cleared away many old, decrepit buildings and made space for several new glorious socialist construction projects . All hail Lenin!”

Well, true to form, North Korea has declared that the 1994 agreement under which they promised to suspend their nuclear program in return for millions of free fuel and 2 nuclear reactors built by us (thank you, president Carter), is void because we stopped giving them the complimentary oil. ..

.which we did because we found out that they had been trying to build nuclear weapons this entire time.

So it’s our fault. Everyone clear on that? Good.

This is why dealing with communism is so much fun. Well, that and those always tasteful worker-chic outfits.

last update : 23-5-2018

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