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The dirtiest place on the human body is the subconcious, according to a new study released Monday by researchers at the Center for Disease Control.The surprise findings of the government-funded study serve to exonerate what were for so long considered the most unhealthy places on human beings, such as the mouth and fingernails, and casts new attention on the seat of the human mind .

“Well, we were all shocked, of course,” said Benjamin Heald, a chief researcher on the CDC team. “After all, the bacterial count on the tongue alone is frankly staggering .”

The findings of the study detail countless instances of the most bizarre, deviant and perverted impulses present in the average human subconcious, providing genuine shock to experts and laymen alike.

“I mean, like, I always thought it was fun to watch people’s reactions when I told them there was more bacteria per square inch on their gums than anywhere else on their body,” said Dr. Hamad Faisal, another senior researcher. “But it’s rather unsettling to think that I want to sexually possess my mother and kill my father. Now that’s gross.”

last update : 26-5-2018

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