It’s always nice to know that by an unknowable random twist of the gods of English and the wrath of Google, some likely frightening, hopefully incarcerated individual has been directed to your site. Here are some of the stranger ones of late:

  • “photgraphs of penis” – Now, since “photographs” wasn’t even spelled right, I am assuming that the only keyword that directed this fellow hither is “penis.” Exactly how far up on the list could I be for “penis”? Honestly, folks. “Dickhead” or “prick,” maybe . But “penis”? Did all the gay porn sites suddenly suffer a collective meltdown?
  • “nanimal fuck” – You’re evil! Back to the sewer with you, subhuman!
  • “ideological analysis of Eminem” – Well, I never really did any such thing, but I hate to see people go away-handed, so let me give this ideological analysis a whirl: He doesn’t like gays. He doesn’t like his mom. He keeps it real ‘cuz he grew up in the PJs. He should be able to spew whatever vile trash he wants whenever he wants amd not be criticized for it by stodgy old cultural elitists because it’s an act that sends a message about ghetto life and white/black identity, no matter whether or not he and everyone else is perfectly aware that his idiot adolescent fans often don’t exactly make such a nuanced and sophisticated interpretation of his vivd depictions and glorifications of violence and bigotry .


Hmm… just meant to comment on some weird search results . Didn’t mean to haul out the soapbox… but it’s just sitting there, going unused, and I just made my last payment, so I really can’t help myself most times.

last update : 19-4-2018

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