Unequivocal Nattering?

British Bullshit Corporation?

United Nincompoops?

British Bias Channel?

Unashamed Nitwits?

The Ballyhoo and Balderdash Company?

All of these would be good guesses as to just what the acronyms “UN” and “BBC” refer to once one reads this article, detailing the latest UN report on the welfare of the Palestinians, filed by one of the several humanitarian commissions that oversee the state of these people . Guess who’s fault they say this is?

Truly now, Mr . United Nations, the Palestinians, more than anything else, really need to have you humanitarian fellows keep track of one, just one measuring stick to gauge their state of wellbeing: “Do Arafat and the PA, along with their kleptocratic government practices and Culture-of-Death propagandizing, still hold sway over the Palestinians?”

If the answer is yes, then the Palestinians are in a bad way, period . They are likely to be starving, poor, uneducated, and be able to claim as their own all those other markers of a pathetically failed culture.

If the answer is no, well, then we’re finally getting somewhere. It doesn’t mean that suddenly the light of reason and democracy will flood the darkened alleyways of “Palestine,” but it does mean that the most significant barrier to this happening has in fact been thrown onto the dung heap of history (considering rumors of what Arafat smells like, I found this much more appropriate than “ash heap”). It means, at the very least, that the faintest light of basic civility, human decency and not-blowing-up-little-kids-because-they’re-Jews has in fact shown its face. That would be a big improvement over the current situation, and then we could start talking about things like the median income of Palestinains aged 25-50, their average daily caloric intake or the rate of subscriptions to the New Yorker in the West Bank.

As long as that first precondition for any kind of increase in Palestinian wellbeing is not met, they are only bound to suffer more and more, and we are bound to listen to harangues by the UN and the BBC about how the fact that Palestinian children are malnourished is the fault of the brutal Israeli occupation and not of the fanatical, homocidal psychos who transform themselves into random ballistic nail distribution units.

last update : 26-5-2018

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