The CalPundit has a good post about modern education in the US, specifically concerning geography, and the sorry state of (I can’t link to the particular post, apparently because of a typical Blogger server fart, but it’s a Nov 16th post) .

He describes some of the more cuddly enviro and PC topics that litter the government-approved standardized testing on geography (ie, how Native American conceptions of land and ownership differed from the white settlers and what causes the Greenhouse Effect) .

He closes with:

Still, in a country where one-third of fourth graders can’t find their own state on a map of the United States, some back-to-basics is probably in order . After all, if we’re going to spend all of our time hating France, shouldn’t our kids at least know where France is?

Damn straight . Hell, I took French in highschool in no small part because I wanted to be able to insult them in their own tongue. Best three years I ever spent.

last update : 26-5-2018

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