The die has already been cast .

Sorry folks, I don’t want to sound melodramatic here, but that’s the simple fact of the matter .

It’s very simple …

1) It is common knowledge that Saddam has been working on WMD since 1998.

2) He expressly denied this in the letter that accepted the terms of the resolution.

3) At the 30 day mark after the SC vote on resolution 1441, Iraq must make a full declaration of any and all WMD programs it still has.

4) This means Saddam will have to either do a complete (and diplomatically useless but damaging) turnaround in the declaration or that he fully intends to continue hiding his WMD programs and impeding the inspectors, which is an automatic go-ahead for war for the US.

In order to believe that there won’t be a war that is in-line with the provisions of the UN, you must believe that Saddam actually HASN’T been working on WMD since 1998.

Does ANYONE really believe that?

If so, I’ve got some bridges you might want to buy.

last update : 19-4-2018

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