Hesiod’s idiocy continues to slog bravely on, thrashing and violently tearing a path through any kind of common sense or reality with the unlucky fortune of standing in the way of his unadulterated ideological crappitude.

Take witness and laugh:

Apparently, Hans Blix, and other leaders of the team are literally pleading with the United States and Great Britain to supply it with fresh intelligence as to where to start looking.

This begs the question .

That is, of course, if you assume that the Bushies actually want the inspections team to succeed in rooting out Saddam’s WMD capability.

But, that would mean the Bushies actually wanted to avoid going to war, or something.

You stupid, stupid, sad little pile of ignorance and lies .

First of all, making those kinds of broad conclusions about the US personally working to hinder the inspections so that they’ll be sure to fail and open the chance for war on the sole basis of a single word in a single newspaper article displays a rather, shall we say, tenuous grasp on believability. I hope you will excuse me if I do not immediately fall to my knees and marvel at your interpretive genius.

Secondly, the logic (if you can call it that) of the prepostition (even assuming that the, ahem, evidence is convincing) is simply atrocious to the point that it seems to actually give off an overpowering physical stink .

Bush and the UK hindering the inspectors would not satisfy the requirements in the resolution for the inspections to be considered as failed and thus open the doors for war. It has to be the result of Saddam impeding their access (I can see how you failed to make this distinction though, since you’ve made it quite clear in your past ramblings that you consider Bush and Saddam to be indistinguishable). If Bush and Blair slow down the progress of the inpsections, it’s not going to do them any good in their war aims, since the time deadlines stipulated order the inspection teams to only report on the fact that they have begun the inspection process, have not been obstructed in any way by Saddam and the status of their progress . If, after 60 days, they report that they haven’t found anything yet, as long as they have had full cooperation from Iraq, then there has been no material breach, and the inspections would only continue. Good way to start a war, isn’t it?

If Bush wanted to speed up the beginning of hostilities, he would be well disposed towards making sure that the inspections have some very quick, very significant successes, discovering all kinds of hideouts for nuclear weapons programs, seeing as how Saddam has already made clear his absurd contention that Iraq has not had any kind of nuke program since 1998. What would be the point of this public blustering unless he expected that the inpections would never be allowed to get to the point where they actually found any illegal materials? The quickest road to war under the requirements of the resolution would be to try to provoke Saddam into blocking in some way the inspectors’ access or even expelling them outright by pointing them in the direction of the most promising of sites to find WMD facilities.

What you’re saying simply makes absolutely no sense. I really think someone needs to grab you by the collar and shake like a British nanny. Maybe it would dislodge whatever tumor of idiocy you’ve got stuck up in that rotting noggin of yours.

last update : 23-5-2018

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