So now that the Iraqi Parliment has unanimously rejected the UNSC resolution, does this mean Saddam is just throwing up his hands and saying, “Fuck all this diplo-crap, let’s get it on!”

Maybe, maybe not.

I’m positive he’s expecting a fight eventually, but it’s in his interest to delay this thing as long as possible. That usually means pretending to go along with the SC stipulations as long as he can while not making any actual concessions to the inspectors .

However, there’s only one part of the resolution’s timeline that he has any control over, and that is the original 7 day period during which he has to promise he will be bound by the requirements laid down by the SC, after that, the schedule moves along at the pace that the inspectors feel like, within the various time limits for certain duties by the UNMOVIC teams.

This SC action wasn’t like others that have been made in the past. Saddam can wait until the last minute on Friday to say whether or not he accepts the SC’s terms, but after that he can’t play the “do everything as slowly as possible” game anymore . Any time he impedes their progress in any way, it’s a breach and the US can start fueling up the jets.

And it’s a good thing too, because if this were not the case, it’s concievable that Saddam could drag out the last possible moment before he would be recognized as being in breach for weeks, maybe months.

So that’s why I wonder if Saddam really will just say screw it and try to roll the dice of war now, thinking that a couple weeks time won’t make a difference for him, also realizing that if he rejected the resolution outright today, it would still take a certain amount of time for US forces to prepare before the war actually began, and it is likely that pretending to comply won’t actually buy him any real time between now and the time when the bombs start dropping, since the US will have been making all the necessary preparations whether he acts like he’s playing along or not.

last update : 26-5-2018

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