The next time you hear reports of unarmed, supposedly innocent Palestinian youths killed by the IDF, and how they were merely “caught in the crossfire,” or happened to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and how their senseless deaths are the fault of the Israelis having a disreagrd for Palestinian life, try to remember pictures like these:





Now, of course no one would suggest that these obviously stupid and misguided kids should be killed for their violent but ineffective behavior, but it’s a lot harder to blame the IDF for their deaths when they so relentlessly try to relentlessly provoke confrontations.

Imagine if a few IDF soldiers were surrounded by dozens of these thugs throwing rocks and bottles at them and giving every indication that they would just soon kill as look at them. Could they be blamed for losing their nerve and firing into the crowd?

I’m always aggravated by the litany of complaints that say, “Well of course the Palestinains are the victims. All they have are rocks while the Israelis have tanks!”

Just because you’re the relative underdog in regards to the weaponry at your disposal in no way gives you automatic moral superiority, especially when you take every possible opportunity to pick a fight.

last update : 19-4-2018

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