There seems to be a lot of disorder going on in Iraq these days about what the official line is supposed to be concerning the new UN resolution. Just yesterday, Iraq’s UN Ambassador said that the resolution represented the US “imposing its will on the rest of the world.” Today Iraq’s Foreign Minister says that the resolution is a victorious demonstration of international will “thwarting” Bush’s bloodthirsty aggression.

“America’s aggressive goal of using the Security Council as a cover for an aggression on Iraq was thwarted by the international community,” he said.

Of course, hoping that Baghdad will hold to a coherent line in foreign diplomacy is like expecting Clinton to keep his pants on, but it is sorta satisfying to see them so frantically grasping at rhetorical straws, doing a 180-degree turn in the span of 24 hours. I would throw out the guess that perhaps the UN ambassador made his comments without asking for the official line from Saddam, and was castigated for his statements, since they projected weakness but had no other rhetorical benefit . Had the vote not been unanimous, with US still facing significant oppostion in the UN, it would have been sensible to make claims about Bush running recklessly over the rest of the world in the hopes that it could further galvanize more opposition.

But that sentiment doesn’t play when you’ve got a unanimous vote against your position. The Iraqi Ambassador apparently still tried to play up that line, but it rang incredibly hollow, and everyone knew it.

So today, the new official line, this time from someone closer to the Baghdad power structure, is that actually, this was a victory for Iraq against brutal US hegemony. No matter that they conveniently ignore the fact that the US is still just as free to act as Bush ever wanted in his wildest dreams, knowing full-well that Saddam won’t fully comply with the inspectors. No matter that the changes in the US draft were essentially cosmetic . No matter that plans for war are continuing unabated and that the rest of the UN realizes they would be well-advised to go along with the US if they don’t wish to become effectively irrelevant in deciding the course of world events….

None of that matters. Just call it a victory and wave your sword some more, scream something about “the mother of all battles” and hope no one notices your knees shaking .

Remember Jenin?

The PA, seeing a major defeat on their hands, made sundry claims about a genocidal massacre perpetrated by the Israelis, playing the put-upon victim as long as anyone credible would buy it. And then, when it was revealed conclusively by both the UN and Human Rights Watch (two groups that are anything but pro-Israeli) that all this talk of a massacre was nothing but propaganda (and rather shoddy propaganda at that, like the video of a funeral procession for a “murdered” Palestinian who accidentally fell off his stretcher and climbed back on himself), the PA immediately switched their public statements to boastful, swelled-chest blabbering about how Jenin was a major military victory, exulting in how few Palestinian fighters were killed and how many IDF soldiers were lured into traps by civilians brandishing white flags and subsequently murdered by terrorists.

All part of the plan, you see.

last update : 23-5-2018

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