Add to the list one more person who just doesn’t get it.

Arianna Huffington writes on AlterNet a clueless missive to the Democratic party, in which she argues that the Democrats weren’t energetic enough and didn’t stick to the right issues, on what she calls “Black Wednesday.”

At least she isn’t being grandiose about it.

What are those issues, you ask? What are the things that the Demos should have turned their sights to so as to galvanize voters to flock to their wing? Oh you know, the “limping economy,” the “insanity of Bush’s tax cuts,” and the like. In other words, the really important stuff . And of course none of those big weighty issues include that big, loud, dangerous thing we’re currently involved in around the world. What’s it called, again?

Oh right. THE WAR.

Apparently Huffington thinks that if the Dems just carped more often and more shrilly about proscription drugs and the budget deficit, they would have been able to make those idiotic voters realize that we shouldn’t be worrying about protecting millions of our citizens from violent death when the economy is growing more slowly than it usually does! Come on America! What good is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when your stock portfolio’s returns are down 3%?

Huffington points out that both Carnahan and Cleland, who lost on Tuesday, voted for Bush’s resolution on Iraq, and thus “pandering” to the Prez sure didn’t help their polling numbers.

Well firstly, she can’t know this .

And that was the deciding factor. The war isn’t an issue. For the time being, it is THE issue. Discussions about the social security lockbox and tax cuts can simmer quietly on the back burner until we’re in a situation where we don’t get a chill every time we hear a low flying plane and don’t have to wonder whether or not the city we live in will suddenly vaporize in a radioactive cloud. Concentrating on issues that don’t address these points was electoral death, as Tuesday amply demonstrated .

It’s not that there isn’t room for making the case for a departure from Bush’s economic policies in a campaign, but that has to be wedded to a rigorous support for the war. The problem with Huffington and her bemoaning cohorts is that they think the key to Democratic victory lies in disregarding the war and refocusing people’s attention on common Demo issues, but that will only make the majority of the American public even more dismissive of their platforms and their candidates on election day.

For most Americans these days, the WoT is the litmus test for any candidate. First show yourself to be behind that, and then we can talk about that nice little grab bag of silly government spending programs.

last update : 26-5-2018

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