Saw a newscast today of Terry McAuliffe, who was trying to hide the fact that his tail is stuck so far between his legs that it was tickling his chin, during which he said in effect: it’s now time for President Bush to put up or shut up. IE, no more “excuses” or “whining” about an intransigent Senate, etc etc, and that now the president must stop neglecting all the key issues facing the country and get to work .

I suppose I should be grateful for not being there in person, because watching it on TV meant that I didn’t have to resist the urge to walk right up and smack him upside his mendacious weasely head.

First of all, the very nature of his statements is deeply unfair . McAuliffe, I sincerely implore you to not molest any little boys,” the implicit assumption underneath that is to suggest that there is an actual danger of him doing so, which necessitates my impassioned plea that he resist his NAMBLA-esque urges.

Another key idiocy in the part of McAuliffe’s steaming pile of rhetorical crap that I saw was that nonsense about not focusing on “key issues” facing the nation . It’s a refrain commonly paraded about by the more shameless Democrats and figures on the Left, suggesting that the war isn’t really an important issue, just a distraction from those horribly pressing concerns like the Social Security lockbox and proscription drug benefits!

Bitch, please.

Once we’ve taken care of all the fanatics trying to kill us, then we can spend all the time you want debating about whether Grandma’s medication is going to cost $5 or $20, or whether you should be able to put your retirement into a 401K, but right now, there’s a goddamned war on, in case you didnt notice.

I truly hope this election is the final nail in McAuliffe’s political coffin, and seeing as how badly it was botched, and how horribly wrong he turned out to be on all fronts, I’ve got the feeling that he better get the hell out of Dodge before he’s set upon by angry Democrats. Remember what happened to that Latin American soccer player in the World Cup who accidentally scored a goal for the opposite team?

McAuliffe should be so lucky.

last update : 19-4-2018

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