Over at The Angry Clam (the most traffic-heavy Berkeley blog AFAIK, even though Rory has since packed up and is currently going to law school at UCLA), there comes a standard trope of the left regarding the recent Republican victories (from the comments section):

Finally, the seeds of some real protest movements have been sown . Enron anyone?


So basically, if the Left gains political power, it’s a win .. well, it’s still a win, dammit!

Does anyone else smell the doublethink? Or perhaps I’m detecting a faint whiff of the historical dialectic in the air?

You know, just like how communism being proven an utter and ghastly failure and global capitalism becoming ascendent is just another pathetic gasp of reactionism before the workers throw off their chains and consign all those greedy bastards and their corporations to the ash heap of history… for reals this time!

True believers are so much fun.

last update : 26-5-2018

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