From the M³ News Wire

Democratic incumbent Gray Davis successfully defended his post as governor against Republican challenger Bill Simon yesterday, hailing it as “a triumph of evil!” in a speech before his supporters Tuesday night, marked by much cheering from the crowd, and a generous amount of maniacal supervillian-style laughter from the governor .

“That’s right friends,” he told the assembled throng as a smile of pure malevolence spread across his soulless, pale face . There were many who said when I was first elected that it could be chalked up to simple stupidity or ignorance, but this second term will make it clear to the nation where California stands.”  

“Hail Satan,” he added, after which he grabbed a young female staffer and began to feast on her vital life force.

The press conference ended when a member of the crowd brandished a large cross and threw some holy water at the podium. Davis hissed and covered himself in a black cloak, then turned into a bat and flew away into the dark of night.

last update : 26-5-2018

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