So, the much ridiculed Berkeley city Measure O seems to have been roundly trounced at the polls, with about 70% percent of voters being against it .

There is both good news and bad news to be found in this .

First, the bad news: at least three out of ten Berkeley voters deserve to be rounded up and promptly given full frontal lobotomies . This would mean, for instance, that these folks would not be allowed the use of adult scissors, would be required at all times to be under the direct supervision of a chimp, whose job it would be to make all the important life decisions for them, and also would need to always wear a special heart monitor so as to ensure that they do not forget to breathe.

The good news that comes out of this whole sordid affair is that something approaching 70% of Berkeley voters are only mostly stupid, though one must keep in mind that some of those anti-O voters nevertheless probably fall into the category of the above-mentioned super-idiots, since said idiots could not be trusted to be able to actually read and understand the complicated “check box here” instructions in the voting booth. Then one must also take into account those who got lost on the way to their local polling place, probably becoming distracted by a small shiny object lying on the ground, or perhaps being entranced by the bright sun in the sky, causing them to stare directly at it for hours on end.

All of factors point to a higher-than-30% cutoff point for the uberly stupid. Just where that point lies is a matter that requires much scientific inquiry immediately.

We’re going to need a lot of chimps…

last update : 26-5-2018

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